05 Jun COVID-19 Update

Following the Government’s announcement we now have a clearer idea of how we can adjust our training services going forward.

This is our interpretation of the Routemap. We’re sure over the next few days there will be clearer information regarding Personal Training and Coaching. We realise that all of these phases are subject to change depending on a number of factors but we’re really optimistic about being able to train you all again and return to some sort of normality. It’s exciting that we now have light at the end of the tunnel.

We will always ensure that there is strict physical distancing and thorough hygiene measures before, during and after every session.

As of Thursday 28th May 2020 we’ll be able to offer one-to-one sessions outside with clear physical distancing in place. We’ll also be able to train small groups as long as you’re from the same household.

PHASE TWO (18th June at earliest)
We can train you in the Impact Gym at Gordon’s house, again with strict physical distancing and hygiene measures. Gordon has equipped his garage gym with a huge amount of kit over the past few weeks so we have everything we need to ensure a varied and challenging session for you.

During PHASE 2 we can also train you in your house or garage as long as we can safely distance with hygiene measures in place.

PHASE 2 also allows us to train larger groups of mixed households outside whilst maintaining physical distancing. It’s at this point we’ll aim to do our Summer Bootcamp but with no equipment this year. Bodyweight exercises paired with the vast space of Crookfur Park will allow us to put together as tough a bootcamp programme as ever.

PHASE THREE (9th July at earliest)
Gyms will be open with new measures in place so we hope we can finally train you in the gym environment again.

In the meantime we’ll continue to train you all via Zoom which has been incredibly popular since lockdown began. We’ve had fantastic feedback from all one-to-one and group sessions so we plan to keep these sessions going until gyms reopen and maybe even beyond if there’s still demand for them.

We also have our well established Online Coaching app which we’ve been using to train clients for 3 and a half years now. Interact with us and access all of your workouts and nutrition plans on your mobile, complete with demonstration videos, coaching points and tracking tools. We can devise a programme based on the equipment you have (or lack of it!)