05 Jan Nick Ling, Company Director

As some of you know I have always been a keen participant of the gym, however, I never really felt that I was achieving my goals. Over the last 12 weeks working with Gordon and Impact Fitness I can no longer say this. Following an intense 5 day a week programme and food plans I have noticed a significant change. Along with the programmes, Gordon has been in constant contact giving me encouragement as well as punishment during our weekly personal training sessions.

Over the 12 weeks my weight increased to 95.6kg while my body fat percentage dropped to 11.7% meaning that I gained 6.7kg of muscle and lost 3.7kg of fat (over one stone of muscle gained and over half a stone of fat lost!)

I would like to thank Gordon and Impact Fitness for their time and encouragement throughout and for giving me a better understanding of what is required to achieve my fitness goals through exercise and nutrition which I will continue to take forward.