The Impact Team

All of our Personal Trainers meet CIMSPA Level 3 criteria, meaning they are fully-qualified and up-to-date with the latest research and techniques in the Fitness Industry.

However, just having a good knowledge and holding a relevant certificate doesn’t automatically make the individual a good Personal Trainer. We firmly believe that our Trainers have the essential attributes and personality needed to provide our clients with a complete and unrivalled service.

They have a natural enthusiasm for fitness, creating a positive energy which will transmit onto you. They are inspirational, leading by example by practising what they preach. They will not only motivate, they will educate, teaching you as they train. They will have a genuine care for you, desperate to transform your life so you can enjoy fitness as they do. You will find them approachable, friendly and committed to help you.

Gordon Hill

Director - Personal Trainer

Born and raised in the south-side of Glasgow, I have always enjoyed a keen interest in sport and exercise, making a career in the Fitness Industry a natural choice. More…

David Lamond

Private Studio Personal Trainer

Since a very young age I have always had a massive interest in sport, fitness and well-being. As a keen footballer and golfer I was always looking to enhance

Nikki Hill

Private Studio Personal Trainer - Women's Fitness & Pre/Post Natal

Specialising in Women’s Fitness & Pre/Post Natal Training, Nikki brings something really special to the team with her positive, motivating and bubbly personality!

Nicola Dennis

Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher

As a professional fitness coach I have worked with and helped people from multinational and multicultural backgrounds. My passion is to guide everyone towards a healthier sustainable lifestyle. I understand we are all unique with our own strengths and limitations and I look forward to helping you change your life, feel stronger and be happier…Read More