27 Oct James McArdle, Actor

James is an actor and we’ve been training him in between his busy schedule of filming and theatre. There was particular focus during the last few months of 2018 with the goal of looking good on the red carpet at the premiere of Mary Queen of Scots, in which he played the Earl of Moray. Here is what he had to say about us:

Gordon and the whole Impact Fitness team are truly some of the best personal trainers I’ve ever worked with. They are dedicated and professional as well as being flexible and approachable.

I have to change my body quite rapidly with tight time limits and turnarounds. Gordon always leads me to ensure I hit my targets in a safe way that is manageable with busy schedules and actually,  enjoyable.

His clear eyed, unpretentious and direct manner is refreshing and makes understanding nutrition and fitness accessible in quite an affected industry.

As someone who loathed the gym and exercise seeing it as merely a necessity, I find it incredible Gordon has helped to engage me in a way that I look forward to working out and eating healthy. I trust his knowledge and expertise whole heartedly and can’t imagine my life without what I have gained from him.

I highly recommend Impact Fitness if you are looking to invest in your health, your state of mind and your fitness.